Wedding Day

It was the most intense delivery ever! Buttercream was melting, tiers were tilting because I decided to stack the top one to the middle one to save time later. Not the best choice! ALWAYS separate them.
As soon as I reached the venue, I dashed through the doors holding the cake box with one hand and holding the cake up with a long skewer. At that point I was in total panic mode.
“Please put this in the freezer now!” The waiter could see how flustered I was. I was in luck because the amazing kitchen staff at Ezard, allowed me to work in their kitchen to fix my cake. I am so thankful for them and especially for the Pastry Chef (I forgot her name) who gave me a hand. Thank you!

After 2 hours, ducking in and out of the fridge, the cake stood tall and glamorous. I literally had to pat myself on the back. Did it! Job saved, I had to drink a cup of concrete. I couldn’t have imagine if I delivered it on the wedding day and had the same problem! Holy moly! That’s cakelife for you! Here she is 🙂 all dressed up on the Wedding Day!

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